A Few Beginner Tips For New Access Users

If you want to move on past using Excel and are looking to expand on the data capabilities offered by Microsoft, then it may be time to start using Access. Access is an extremely popular data management type of software, but many people are unfamiliar with how to use it, especially when Excel has been the "go to" software for so long. For this reason, it is wise to hire a Microsoft Access consultant. Before you do, consider some tips for beginners to get you started before the pros come in.

Hide Your Data

One of the biggest benefits of Access is the fact that you can share and create databases over the internet. This is essential if you want to conduct research through interactive studies or if employees all across the country need access to certain information. However, you do want to serve as admin over the data pool in some cases. Therefore, you need to be able to hide a large portion of your dataset. If datasets are simply too large to show all the time, then this may simply be a question of ensuring that the application appears aesthetically pleasing by hiding it.

It is fairly easy to hide data, and this is called hiding the ribbon. The word ribbon refers to the string of data. To hide it, you want to be in design view. From this window, you need to go to the properties window. You can choose an event on opening from this window, and you can then pick "hide ribbon". 

Some older versions of Access to require you to imput a small amount of code in this window. Speak with your consultant if this is the case and a few lines of VB code can be inserted.

Export Files 

If you want to create reports through Access and need the input of several different people, then it only makes sense to allow them access to the reports. However, if you do not want to provide everyone access, but still want to share a report, then you will need to learn how to export it.

To export a file, go into the navigation panel for the report that you want to send to someone else. A right click will bring up the option to export and then you can save the file in the format that you desire. Keep in mind that you may want to use the PDF format if others do not have the same Microsoft programs that you do. 

If you already know how to use Excel, then Access should be fairly simple to learn as well. Just make sure to speak with your access consultant so you know about all the tricks and tips that you need. 

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