Fun Ways To Teach Your Child At Home

Teaching children isn't as simple as sitting them in a chair and telling them what they should know. Children learn in all kinds of ways, through music and movement, fun games, and even through touch. Sensory play is a great way to teach your child. See below for some ways to teach your child at home using these activities.

Music And Movement

Look for music or movement videos on-line that help teach your child. Movement CD's that your child follows instructions to is a great way to teach your child to listen to instructions, to be patient, to get moving, and to participate in fun activities. Children's music such as the alphabet song, days of the week, or months of the year songs are also great learning songs. Kids can easily pick up on songs, without even realizing they are actually learning.

Fun Games

Learning games such as listening games like Simon Says or Hot Potato help teach kids to follow directions and to listen. You can also play games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Go Fish, or Uno that teach taking turns, following directions, winning and losing, and numbers. These are all fun games that your preschooler can learn easily that you will all have fun playing.

Touch And Feel 

Allow your preschooler to touch and feel various items. Give your child different items such as pieces of carpet samples, felt, silk, sticky tape, slime, rocks, and other items that feel different. Have your child feel those items and have them tell you how they feel. You can also explain the proper words for how they feel if your child doesn't know how to explain it. 


Sensory play is much like touch and feel. Use different objects that your child can touch and manipulate such as building blocks, magnet tiles, uncooked rice, pasta noodles, legumes, beans, popcorn kernels, and stacking cardboard bricks are all items that your child will have fun playing with. Give your child different objects to use with the smaller items such as spoons, plastic tweezers, funnels, and small bowls. Colorful items added into the rice, pasta, legumes, beans, and popcorn kernels that your child has to dig for is another fun activity.

Children learn in all different ways. Play with your child, sing songs, paint, color, and do different activities to help teach your child at home. For more preschool learning ideas, check out websites like

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